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 R00060100FloydAckerman Ackerman, FloydAckerman, FloydAlumni Weekend 20141964N/AKappy Ackerman
  MichaelAckerman Ackerman, MichaelAckerman, MichaelAlumni Weekend 20141984Phi Delta Theta 
  JeanSenneAddy Addy (Senne), JeanAddy (Senne), JeanAlumni Weekend 20141984 
  JaneAhlering Ahlering, JaneAhlering, JaneAlumni Weekend 20142004 
  AldoAhlers Ahlers, AldoAhlers, AldoAlumni Weekend 20142008 
 R00060614PeterAllport Allport, PeterAllport, PeterAlumni Weekend 20141987Phi Delta ThetaN/AHolly Allport
  EricAmat Amat, EricAmat, EricAlumni Weekend 20142007 
 R00060758CarolWingateAnderson Anderson (Wingate), CarolAnderson (Wingate), CarolAlumni Weekend 20141964N/A 
  Libby Anderson Anderson, Libby Anderson, Libby Alumni Weekend 20142011Science Major 
 R00915395BrianaAngelo Angelo, BrianaAngelo, BrianaAlumni Weekend 20142013N/AAustin Clements
  MichaelAronski Aronski, MichaelAronski, MichaelAlumni Weekend 20142010 
  ElizabethAshwell Ashwell, ElizabethAshwell, ElizabethAlumni Weekend 20141999SailingN/A 
  PamelaAtkinson Atkinson, PamelaAtkinson, PamelaAlumni Weekend 20141973 
  KrisAverellAverell Averell, KrisAverell, KrisAlumni Weekend 20141983Phi Delta Theta 
 R00547306KimberlyBacenBacen Bacen, KimberlyBacen, KimberlyAlumni Weekend 20142003N/AElijah Hall
  LaurenBacon Bacon, LaurenBacon, LaurenAlumni Weekend 20142011Science Major 
  robertbaldwin baldwin, robertbaldwin, robertAlumni Weekend 20141985Phi Delta ThetaN/A 
  RobertBalink Balink, RobertBalink, RobertAlumni Weekend 20141964The SandspurN/AAdele Balink
  WesleyBall Ball, WesleyBall, WesleyAlumni Weekend 20141984 
  GrahamBarrett Barrett, GrahamBarrett, GrahamAlumni Weekend 20142003 
  LennyBarrett Barrett, LennyBarrett, LennyAlumni Weekend 20142013N/ADavid Barrett
  MichaelBarta Barta, MichaelBarta, MichaelAlumni Weekend 201419951995Jen Barta
  AmandaBartling Bartling, AmandaBartling, AmandaAlumni Weekend 20142012Sailing 
 R00062297CharlesBauernschmidt Bauernschmidt, CharlesBauernschmidt, CharlesAlumni Weekend 201419692007 
  RuthBiceBearden Bearden (Bice), RuthBearden (Bice), RuthAlumni Weekend 20141984N/A 
  KelseyBeaumont Beaumont, KelseyBeaumont, KelseyAlumni Weekend 20142012 
  EmilyStallingsBeddingfield Beddingfield (Stallings), EmilyBeddingfield (Stallings), EmilyAlumni Weekend 20142004 
 R00062544CharlesBeeghly Beeghly, CharlesBeeghly, CharlesAlumni Weekend 20141967Phi Delta ThetaN/AKaren Beeghly
  johnbeese beese, johnbeese, johnAlumni Weekend 20142012Phi Delta Theta 
  DavidBeltrami Beltrami, DavidBeltrami, DavidAlumni Weekend 20141987Phi Delta Theta 
 R00042564BrettonBennett Bennett, BrettonBennett, BrettonAlumni Weekend 20141993N/AKatherine
  Dan Berlinger Berlinger, Dan Berlinger, Dan Alumni Weekend 20142013 
  Taylor Berns Berns, Taylor Berns, Taylor Alumni Weekend 20142013 
  BlakieJoynerBernstein Bernstein (Joyner), BlakieBernstein (Joyner), BlakieAlumni Weekend 20142009 
  DrewBernstein Bernstein, DrewBernstein, DrewAlumni Weekend 20142009 
  DerekBetts Betts, DerekBetts, DerekAlumni Weekend 20142005N/AMaria Galmarini
  nadiaBhaghani Bhaghani, nadiaBhaghani, nadiaAlumni Weekend 20142013N/AOmar Bhaghani
  StephenBianco Bianco, StephenBianco, StephenAlumni Weekend 20141976 
 R00063127WilliamBieberbach Bieberbach, WilliamBieberbach, WilliamAlumni Weekend 201419701971Jane Wilson Bieberbach
  KatyBildahl Bildahl, KatyBildahl, KatyAlumni Weekend 20142012N/A 
  GregBinney Binney, GregBinney, GregAlumni Weekend 20141994 
  LeeMorrisBirdsong Birdsong (Morris), LeeBirdsong (Morris), LeeAlumni Weekend 20141974 
  AgnesBirnbaum Birnbaum, AgnesBirnbaum, AgnesAlumni Weekend 20141974 
 R00962779JennaBittenbender Bittenbender, JennaBittenbender, JennaAlumni Weekend 20142013 
 R00063402TuniSciortinoBlackwelder Blackwelder (Sciortino), TuniBlackwelder (Sciortino), TuniAlumni Weekend 20141964N/A 
  KristineSpringerBlake Blake (Springer), KristineBlake (Springer), KristineAlumni Weekend 20141986N/APat Blake
 R00026415ClaiborneBlevins Blevins, ClaiborneBlevins, ClaiborneAlumni Weekend 2014N/AN/AHaley West Luffman
  LeahGriceBonich Bonich (Grice), LeahBonich (Grice), LeahAlumni Weekend 20142013 
  SarahCarrBoor Boor (Carr), SarahBoor (Carr), SarahAlumni Weekend 20142012Science Major 
 R00042987DerekBoorn Boorn, DerekBoorn, DerekAlumni Weekend 20141995SwimmingN/AAshley A. Burton

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